How do I Import videos from my camcorder/computer into the app?

If you have videos already in your camera roll you can import them from the recording screen. See this guide: Importing videos from camera roll.

If you have a video recorded from a camera or on your computer there are multiple ways for you to import videos from external sources. (Please note: imported videos must be encoded to fit 16:9 aspect ratio)

Option #1: Email

Email the video to the email account you use on your mobile device. Then open the Mail App and let the video download, once it finishes downloading long-click on the video file. From there you will see the option to 'Open in Ubersense' click on that and the video will automatically be imported into Ubersense.

Option #2: Use iTunes

If the video file is too large to be emailed, try using iTunes File Sharing. Attach you iPhone/iPad to your computer as if you would in order to sync your device. Open iTunes if it hasn't launched by itself. Once in iTunes click Photos tab and check the sync photos and check include videos. 

To access Ubersense click the apps button at the top of the summary page. Scroll down and click Ubersense from the list of applications in the file sharing section located near the bottom of your screen. 

Next you can add your .mp4 or .mov files into the file sharing folder It is not recommended you use a video larger than 60 MB. Then sync your iPad

After your iPad finishes syncing launch your Ubersense app on your iPad. You will see a popup notification in your app if the transfer was successful.

Option #3: File Sharing Apps

Many online file sharing services offer free accounts and iOS Apps that enable you to transfer large files to your device. One example is (5GB free personal account). Store the video on your dropbox or account and open the dropbox or iOS App on your device. See here for detailed steps.

Option #4: Use USB/SD Card connector

If you record many videos with an external camera, we suggest you look into the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit ( This device allows you to transfer video directly from your camera's USB Cable or SD card to the iPad camera roll.

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