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  1. Accessing Pro Videos on multiple devices

  2. Adding comments

  3. Adding new athlete names

  4. Adding new people

  5. Back up options - set your video storage settings

  6. Backing up Videos

  7. Commenting on community videos

  8. Comparing videos overlayed on top of each other

  9. Comparing videos stacked on top of each other

  10. Comparing with pro athletes

  11. Creating custom tags

  12. Delete someone from your team

  13. Deleting videos

  14. Editing & Deleting Multiple VIdeos

  15. Editing existing team members

  16. Editing video tags

  17. Editing your profile

  18. Emailing videos

  19. Embed Ubersense Videos

  20. Exporting videos

  21. Filtering videos by sport

  22. Finding pro & drill videos

  23. How can I get my video reviewed?

  24. How do I compare a video side-by-side?

  25. How do I Import videos from my camcorder/computer into the app?

  26. How do I take a screenshot from the app?

  27. How do I use overlay comparison?

  28. How long can my video be?

  29. How to compare videos

  30. How to use Ubersense

  31. I'm getting an error when uploading to YouTube

  32. I'm running out of space on my device

  33. Importing videos from Dropbox

  34. Importing videos from the camera roll

  35. Is Ubersense available for Android?

  36. Making a video private

  37. Microphone & camera permissions

  38. My app is frozen/stuck

  39. Open an Ubersense Video in your App

  40. Personalize your video feed

  41. Privacy of videos

  42. Purchasing Pro Athlete videos

  43. Recording in higher frames per second

  44. Recording new videos

  45. Recording videos by yourself

  46. Renewing Elite Membership

  47. Reset your account password

  48. Saving to the camera roll

  49. Saving video with annotations

  50. Saving videos with drawing and slow-motion

  51. Setting up an account

  52. Sharing comparison videos

  53. Sharing to the community

  54. Sharing video to another Ubersense app

  55. Sort video by date

  56. Sort video by favorites

  57. Sort videos by name

  58. Sort videos by tag

  59. Syncing videos

  60. Syncing videos to multiple devices

  61. Tagging videos

  62. Trimming videos

  63. Turn off auto-sharing

  64. Update email address

  65. Using Apple TV

  66. Using Elite on multiple devices

  67. Using slow-motion controls

  68. Using the drawing tools

  69. Using the zoom function

  70. Using Ubersense offline

  71. Viewing community videos

  72. Viewing Ubersense videos on a computer

  73. Viewing videos on

  74. Viewing your team/friends videos

  75. Watching in slow-motion

  76. Web Video Player Error

  77. What is Ubersense Elite?

  78. What Operating System and Device do I need?

  79. What sports is Ubersense used for?

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